I know I am usually complimentary of the good work you have done for me so far, but these are excellent! 
I think they are really striking. I like the way you have designed a wordy award, that doesn’t make it look wordy... if that makes sense! I have shown the rest of the marketing team the material you have sent me and I am sure you will be picking up more work in the future from my colleagues.
Tony Jerome CAMRA

We received the Annual Reports yesterday, and they look great. I think that the professional photos were a very good investment. Thanks for helping us revamp and professionalise our image, I think we’ve moved on a long way in the last year. We’re very happy with the outcome.
Guljabeen Rahman Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre

Oh joy!  The Prospectus and Wallet arrived when I was just about to leave the Willows and they look brilliant. Thanks to you and your team for all your effort.
Carole Coke-Glass Brent Children and Families dept

Mark Greene - you are my hero!  Directories have arrived and look wonderful. 
Cath Kane Brent Domestic Violence dept